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Shunsō Hishida Black Cat Eco Tote Bag

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🧵 This is a roomy tote bag made of 100% certified organic cotton. A perfect way to showcase your art-inspired individuality and carry your groceries, books, and anything in between.
Consider that due to the nature of the direct-to-garment printing technique some images might look less saturated on darker backgrounds.

This cute little spooky Black Cat was painted by the Japanese master Shunsō Hishida (1874 - 1911) more than one hundred years ago in 1910.

Mocked and neglected by his contemporaries Shunsō was actually one of the key painters that changed the course of the development of traditional Japanese art at the turn of the 20th century.

He was on a mission to infuse the traditional somewhat flat line drawings with a new way to depict space and light that inspired him during his artistic trip to the West when he visited India, Europe, and the States.

That’s how Nihonga style was born!

👉 In order to smoothen the strong lines, he used the technique of karabake - dripping paint on a wet surface and then brushing it with a dry brush to get gradation effects and a degree of luminosity.

Interestingly, these were signature paintings of 🐱 cats that actually brought Shunsō Hishida international recognition.