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Luis Meléndez Still Life With A Plate Of Cherries Plums A Pitcher And Cheese Canvas

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🖼 This matte-finish gorgeously looking canvas would be a great fit to your any room or office. It’s poly-cotton base is acid-free and PH-neutral - a perfect match for this vivid, fade-resistant print based on the great art masterpieces of the past.

This design is based on a very warming Spanish Still Life with a Plate of Cherries Plums a Pitcher and Cheese, c.1760, by Luis Meléndez (1716 - 1780).

☝️ Barely known during his lifetime he is now considered to be the greatest Spanish still-life painter of the 18th century.
👉 And this very work is definitely one of the finest examples of his art that is now sold at auction for over million dollars a piece.

There is a common misconception that a household artist name is a quality assurance and sort of satisfaction guarantee.
No doubt, world-famous painters became celebrities for a reason. However, sometimes this reason was just a mere concourse of favourable circumstances. [Which hints that there are tons of mediocre artworks topped with famous signatures even in museums].

The key art history and art market value driver today [took it long enough to come to that though!] is the quality of the artwork, not the name on it.

You can spot a chef-d’oeuvre everywhere and even rediscover artists and whole art schools, that haven’t experienced what a proper marketing and branding could do these days.