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Hokusai Kohada Koheiji From One Hundred Ghost Tales Unisex Hoodie

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šŸ§µ This cozy and stylish go-to hoodie with front pouch pocket feels soft and smooth. It made of 50% pre-shrunk cotton and 50% polyester and is the perfect choice for cooler evenings!
Consider that due to the nature of the direct-to-garment printing technique some images might look less saturated on darker backgrounds.

This design is based on the amazing woodblock print by the most famous master of the Japanese Ukiyo-e movement Hokusai (1760 - 1849).

Both, the picture and its story could surely give you goosebumps down your spine.

Kohada Koheiji from One Hundred Ghost Tales [Hyaku monogatari] was made in 1833 for a book which was part of the Japanese tradition of people sitting around telling ghost stories.

šŸŽŽ Originally played amongst the samurai class as a test of courage in the mid-17th century, the game became a cult phenomenon in Japan in the 1800s and widely spread across all social groups of peasants and town people.
šŸ—£ On this game night, friends would meet to share fantastically frightening tales from folklore and their own experience [kaidans].
šŸ® Having lit a hundred andons [traditional Japanese lamp consisting of paper stretched over a frame of bamboo, wood or metal] they would tell their blood-curdling stories one by one.
šŸ‘» As the storyteller finishes, he or she then extinguishes one andon so the room gets darker and darker until finally, the ghouls come out.

Based on a real event, Hokusaiā€™s image shows the former husband [now the skeletal ghost of Kohada Koheiji] who was murdered by his wife and lover.

šŸ’€ He has come back to haunt them, his bony fingers pulling back the mosquito net on their bed with mysterious spirit flames emanating from below.

This print series was the occasion for the elderly Hokusai to direct his attention away from the Japanese landscapes he was most famous for, and use his invention in a realm of a macabre fantasy of vengeful ghosts and demonic cannibals.