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Fede Galizia Still Life Of Peaches On A Fruit Stand Canvas

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🖼 This matte-finish gorgeously looking canvas would be a great fit to your any room or office. It’s poly-cotton base is acid-free and PH-neutral - a perfect match for this vivid, fade-resistant print based on the great art masterpieces of the past.

How much would you give for 3 pounds of peaches? 🍑🍑🍑

Fede Galizia (1578 - 1630) is one of those unique female artists of the Late Renaissance period whose name wasn’t lost in obscurity and whose art made a decisive contribution to the field of still-life painting.

The Still Life of Peaches on a Fruit Stand with Jasmine Flowers and a Tulip painted in the first quarter of the 17th century is a crowning example of her signature approach to the subject.

Actually, this genre wasn’t favoured in Renaissance Italy [at all!]. Back in the day, a typical artist would only specialise in History or Portrait genres.

Fede was a female painter - that meant, an outsider by default. A master of great skill and technique, she was nevertheless practically banned from any serious commission.

☝️ However, that didn’t prevent her from taking an outsider genre of still life and bring it to new heights in her native country!

Amazingly, this artwork first appeared on the market in 2020 as anonymous with a ridiculous estimate of just slightly over $1,000.

👉 Now, when it’s cleaned and properly authenticated, it came to an auction and was sold for over $600,000!

What a great transformation!

And a well-deserved one, isn’t it?