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Edouard Manet Oysters Canvas

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🖼 This matte-finish gorgeously looking canvas would be a great fit to your any room or office. It’s poly-cotton base is acid-free and PH-neutral - a perfect match for this vivid, fade-resistant print based on the great art masterpieces of the past.

This design is based on the 1862 Oysters painting by Edouard Manet (1832 - 1883).

A delicacy food for centuries, oysters have became a major inspiration for the still-life painters in the 17th century.
👉 Their lush and expressive shape went perfectly in line with the symbols and ideals of the new Baroque epoch.
The Flemish artists became especially fascinated with the subject.
☝️ Some oyster compositions carried a rather pronounced symbolism of earthly lust [in this case they were often emphasised with a cat and fish].

Yet most of the time, these pictures with carefully crafted objects and expensive delicacies were made to celebrate a world of abundance and delight the sophisticated art collector with the textural effects and realistic detail.

Such lavish still lifes were proud visual statements of the material wealth and comforts of life among the elite of Flanders of the epoch.

No wonder, that the extreme naturalism of the oysters captured the attention of the Realists once again in the second half of the 19th century.
🎨 Eventually, they didn’t care much about the symbolism, rather than about the artistic challenges that were brought up by those almost liquid amorphous forms in their pearly white shells.