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Arriving At Work Monday Morning Mug

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☕️ This sturdy and glossy ceramic mug will withstand the microwave and dishwasher. Perfect for your morning coffee at home or at work, evening tea, or something in between.

This design is based on the image of one of the most pictured men of the Dark Ages - Saint Denis, the patron saint of France and Paris - painted by the French Jean Bourdichon in 1475-1500.

⛪️ Not much is known about his way led by the faith [some legends even mix up several identities], yet somehow in the mid-3rd century, he became the first Bishop of Paris.

He was extremely successful in converting people to Christians, so, eventually, this began to trouble pagan priests who were losing their loyal followers and, hence, income.

No wonder, that he was quickly imprisoned and later beheaded to then become the officially recognised saint martyr.

Interestingly, in the Middle Ages, there was a constant battle between clerics proving who actually owned his head.

👉 The Abbey of St Denis claimed that they kept the entire body,
☝️ while the Notre Dame de Paris insisted they possessed the top of his head which [as they insisted] had been severed by the executioner's first blow.

That’s why the numerous depictions of St. Denis in art either feature him fully decapitated or simply take off the slice of his head.